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My Life continued page 3
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I had not been feeling well. Mommy took me to the doctor and he said I have a viral infection, I should be better in a few days. Unfortunately I was not. I started running a very high fever and have seizures constantly. I scared my mommy because my fever topped out at 107 degrees. I was having very bad seizures. She put me into a cool bath while trying to get in touch with the doctor. He told her to keep doing what she was that they couldn't do anything else for me. Well, Monday came and my fever was still running around 106 degrees. My mommy took me back to the doctor. I was hospitalized right then. I was so sick I couldn't even hold my head up. The doctor thought I had pneumonia, but the chest x-ray was negative. I had asthmatic bronchitis. They did blood work which came back bad so they drew blood everyday. On Wednesday the doctor came I and said "I've got my panties in a wad over Austins blood work. I've called a hematologist in to talk to you". I fell asleep and mommy waited on the hematologist. He came in and said that he needed to do a bone marrow aspiration on me. There was a possibility of Leukemia. I had a severe case of neutropenia.( no immune system). My mommy was stressed out and scared about me possibly having leukemia. The hematologist came back on Thursday and told mommy the test results came back as possible leukemia and I had to have another bone marrow aspiration done in a couple of months to see if it came back negative. I stayed in the hospital for a few more days. I went back for my second bone marrow aspiration a got the result back in December. They were negative. During that time the doctor ran more test and found out my immune system was low.

I stayed sick all winter and now Im hoping that I'll do okay for the spring and summer. I scared my mommy again by turning blue from head to toe. (this make the third time) The doctors still dont know what's going on. My body is now starting to show vascular malformations (birthmarks) from head to toe. I have to get my tonsils removed and tubes put in soon.

I found out in February that I have calification on the left optical lobe of my brain. That is causing visions problems. However, I'm adjusting well.  

I had my first laser treatment in March of 2004 with Dr. Hochman in Charleston, South Carolina. Things went really well. I have now had four laser treatments and starting to see results.

Well, a couple of years has pasted since the site has been updated. I have had several more laser treatments and they are working very well. I started to school last year. I didn't get go very much because I stayed sick all year. I had my tonsils and adenoids removed and tubes put in my ears in April 2006. Before I had my tubes in I could only say 10 to 15 words. Now I can say a few hundred words.

School has been a great this year. I have learned some good things and a couple of bad things from my friends. HaHa. I attend the Blind School at  South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind.

I started having migranes about 3 months ago. The neuro started me on a preventative medication. It is helping some but I am still have them so bad I have to go to the Doctor for a shot. The migranes triggers my seizures and makes the worse than normal. So, my neuro sent me for another MRI two days ago. My mom won't know the results until the end of next week. I am pretty much always in good spirits and I don't let things get me down for long.

Thank you for visiting my site and have a Blessed day.